Daiichikosho to extend sponsorship for Karaoke World Championships

The Karaoke World Championships organization is pleased to announce that the Daiichikosho Corporation has agreed to a multiyear international sponsorship for both KWC and KWC Asia competitions. This 5-year agreement will extend what has been a successful relationship over the past 2 years between the number one karaoke brand in Japan and the ever-growing Karaoke World Championships and KWC Asia competitions.

“We feel excited and humbled by DAM’s continuing commitment towards our competition. This agreement helps KWC concentrate on long-term development into an internationally recognized brand, comparable to other established talent competitions seen on television.”, said Jalo Kotinurmi, the KWC Director.

For over 40 years Daiichikosho has been the premier karaoke company in the world. The company started its commercial karaoke business in Japan offering equipment retail sales and leasing in Tokyo in 1973. The company is responsible for brands such as StarDAM (TV), Star Digio (Radio), PerfectTV (satellite), MeloDAM (ringtones), DK Elder System (elder karaoke) and [email protected] (online karaoke). Daiichikosho has continued to lead the industry through its acquisitions and development of new technologies as well as entry into the hospitality business with Big Echo (Karaoke shop) and restaurants. http://www.dkkaraoke.co.jp/english/

The Karaoke World Championships (KWC) is the largest and most prestigious international karaoke competition in the world. This multi-cultural international music event without boundaries embodies the spirit of music, entertainment, and fun. Global operations are managed by the KWC parent organization from their headquarters in Lohja, Finland.

Each year, the KWC parent organization sponsors this grand showcase and competition of winners from partner nations around the world to select the recognized karaoke world champion. Participating nations are selected and sanctioned based on a number of quality standards. https://www.kwc.fi/