Posted on: November 29, 2017

Here are our Helsinki 2017 KWC champions

Pedro Matias
From: Huambo, Angola
Age: 27
Profession: Student

Chyeé Howell
From: Seattle, USA
Age: 27
Profession: Part time Operator

Ryota Kaizo
From: Tokyo, Japan
Age: 27
Profession: Freelancer

Rena Saito
From: Tokyo, Japan
Age: 26
Profession: Esthetician

Question time

We asked our new World Champions these five questions:
1. What were your first thoughts when you realised you had won the World Championship?
2. How do you feel now when you look back at the whole competition, what happened to you during this time?
3. What surprised you most in the competition?
4. What are your future plans with music and singing?
5. Do you have some tips for next years’ contestants?
+ Greetings to all our KWC family

Pedro Matias

1. I thought about my family soon, I began to pray to God for the blessing he gave me at that moment.

2. I feel like a blessed man like everyone who participated in this event because it was not easy to be champion in the midst of people with a lot of talent, we are all born winners even though I am the champion respect everyone who was there. In this period I became ill because I am not accustomed to the climate of Finland my country is very hot but God is good I recovered soon. I made good friends I created a family thing that I never dreamed.

3. What surprised me most in this activity was the fellowship of all, the kwc team, the competitors that were there seemed to have known each other for some time, I was amazed at the way each one supported the other even knowing it was a competition where everyone wanted to win and have an international title.

4. First of all, I must study in music in the Lyric Corner specialty, be a reference in the world lyric corner as well as Andrea Bocelli, Luciano Pavarotti among others and create the conditions to awaken and develop the musical capacity that exists in many and to help the culture internationally.

5. That they prepare themselves in the best way to provide an event that is getting better and that they are focused simply and exclusively on objectives, create a healthy environment among colleagues as always, above all work work work.

There are my very fought for the unconditional support they have given to kwc because it is through them and through them that we (kwc) exist, that they remain so firm and believing in this event that unites the world with the purpose of uniting and discovering new talents, God bless everyone who has helped KWC grow more and more


1. When I realised I won, it was overwhelming and unbelievable. I still am amazed the my gift from God could actually bring me to such a great victory.

2. Looking back I am so greatful to have been apart of such a beautiful event. My emotions are still running wild. I am truly filled with joy knowing I have amazing new friends all over the globe.

3. I was surprised to see how much love and respect that was shown in this competition. It was as if we were all just out at a big beautiful party in our best dress clothes

4. My future plans and goals when it comes to singing is to get my original music out. I have always wrote my own songs and I think its time to start getting them out.

5. My tip for the contestants of the 2018 world Championship is to just do what you love and sing!!! Don’t come to compete, come to experience every moment and Sing like no one is listening. Be truthful to yourself so you have no regrets no matter the outcome.

Shout outs to all of my friends I’ve made in this competition. To all of the staff and partners I love you and thank you for all the love I received. And to my family thank you for never letting me give up on who I am.


1. RYOTA: I didn’t realize what happened at the beginning because I wasn’t expecting to win again this year. But I was happy to feel this impression again!
RENA: I got confused with weird feelings, I got a mixed feeling like I was excited but couldn’t believe what was going on.

2. RYOTA: I think it is a wonderful competition because songs and the act of singing led communicate people from many countries. And also, this competition made me remember to enjoy singing.
RENA: All contestants from various countries were very friendly and sociable, so it made a very warm atmosphere so everyone supported each other. Japanese people are a little bit shy and conservative but I could have a very good time so I feel lonely now. I enjoyed a lot this event thanks to all of you. There are also countries that distributed gifts from their country as a souvenir, and some people were asking for autographs to participants so I really appreciate this atmosphere of hospitality.

3. RYOTA: I got impressed and touched by listening to songs from many countries. So even if I didn’t understand the meaning of the words, I got surprised that I could communicate with each other.
RENA: The USA female solo Champion Chyeé’s voice was amazing, it shaked my heart from the beginning. It was a very centered voice, she was singing strongly and nicely so even if I couldn’t understand the lyrics, I felt astonished that I felt that the entire body was wrapped in her singing voice. It was truly amazing.

4. RYOTA: I will become a singer in Japan in the future. And I would like to express what I felt in this competition.
RENA: My goal of the future is standing on a big stage, sing and send my voice to lots of people. I’d be happy if my voice can support, heal and encourage various people, feel fun, unite people in one. I would love to listen to more songs and walk life together.

5. RYOTA: Please communicate with people in many countries and share various values ​​and ways of thinking. If you can do so, I think that you will do a wonderful performance!

It is my big pleasure to have received such a wonderful prize!
Thank you for your support. I hope that KWC will continue to be a wonderful tournament!

RENA: Show gratitude to everyone at the venue for listening to the song. It is very important to deliver a singing voice like a conversation. It is what I felt at the competition this time.

My sincere gratitude for everyone who supported us. This event wasn’t made just by us, everyone at the venue made the best to cheer participants who made a wonderful performance and atmosphere at the venue. It made all in one = the unity. Thank you very much.

KWC Helsinki 2017 Final Results

TOP 5 Female
1st place: Chyeé Howell – Usa World Champion, Gold Medal, 5000$ + trip to Málaga 2018
2nd place: Emely Myles – Panama Silver Medal, 1000 $
3rd place: Margarita Dvoynenko – Ukraine Bronze Medal, 500 $
4th place: Fátima Suárez – Mexico
5th place: Arttha Nauli – Indonesia

TOP 5 Male
1st place: Pedro Matias – Angola World Champion, Gold Medal, 5000$ + trip to Málaga 2018
2nd place: Didieric Coste – France Silver Medal, 1000 $
3rd place: Andy Navarrete – Usa Bronze Medal, 500 $
4th place: Arief Taqien – Indonesia
5th place: Andrey Inkin – Ukraine

TOP 6 Duets
1st place: Ryota Kaizo & Rena Saito – Japan World Champions, Gold Medals, 500 $
2nd place: Mikko Blaze Bordeaux & Beth Brennan – Usa Silver Medal
3rd place: Emely Miles & Ricardo Canto – Panama Bronze Medals
4th place: Ananda Torres & Thiago Silva – Brazil
5th place: Jessie Yeong & Austin Solita – Singapore & Philippines
6th place: Arief Taqien & Arttha Nauli – Indonesia

Written by Luca Gargano
All photos by Arttu Kokkonen –

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Posted on: November 29, 2017
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