Preliminary KWC 2018 Schedule and Changes in the competition!

Posted on: May 12, 2018


KWC 2018 will be held in December in Helsinki, Finland.


1.) Changes in scoring

We will be releasing the scores after each round. That way every singer will know their ranking after rounds 1, 2 and 3 and will be able to react to improve on their next performance. We will also change the multiplying effect on round 2 & 3 scores putting more weight on Round 2 and Round 3. The final round (Top 10) will be without points from previous rounds. We are also adding points from the public vote on Round 2.

2.) Amateur status

Every singer is eligible to participate if they are not making a living with singing or have a record deal at this very moment. Singers with record releases from years ago (also including recent indie releases on Spotify etc.) are welcome.

3.) Champions Round

There is a brand new category in the KWC competition: KWC Champions is a special competition for all of our past country champions. Anyone who has ever represented their country in KWC finals is eligible, past winners are included. In 2018 every partner country is allowed to send one singer to KWC Champions, and there will be 3 Champions rounds in KWC 2018.

4.) A single World Champion!

Starting this year, we will be crowning a World Champion - not a separate champion for men and women! Our goal is to discover and promote the best amateur singer in the world regardless of gender.

Every partner country is still allowed to send two singers, but they can be of any gender and they will all compete against each other for the championship.

This means we will have three categories: KWC Solo, KWC Duets and KWC Champions.


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Posted on: May 12, 2018
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