KWC Global Video Challenge 2021 results

Posted on: September 15, 2021
KWC Global Video Challenge 2021 results

KWC Global Video Challenge gave 18 singers the chance to represent 15 different countries at the Karaoke World Championships finals!

Over 100 singers from 20+ countries participated in this global video qualification round and all the videos were judged according to the KWC Judging criteria:
-Voice and technique: Quality of Voice, range, dynamics, skill, timing, breathing, pitch etc.
-Artistry and Stage Presence: Expressiveness, musicality, song choice, confidence, appearance and the special X factor in the performance

The KWC video jury has chosen these singers to represent their countries in the KWC 2021 finals:

Cintia Melina Beas, Argentina
Cyndy Chan, Australia
Felipe De Souza Ferraz, Belgium
Viktoria Seimar, Estonia
Alice Lemoine, France
Markus Oldach Peters, Germany
Karina Kantas, Greece
Marina Pappalardo, Italia
Jason Tyson, Jamaica
Josette Ricketts, Jamaica
Brandon Crooks, Jamaica
Syamila Nuhair Zainordi, Malaysia
Esther Vlaanderen, Netherlands
John Paul Fajardo Tomaque, Philippines
Rogério Romeu, Portugal
Lawrence Tan Hock Guan, Singapore
Li Xiaoyan, Singapore
Diego Alberto Villanera Romero, Venezuela

They will compete against all the singers from national KWC country partners Canada, USA, Panama, Brazil, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russia, UK, Ukraine, Japan, Cameroon, Nigeria, Indonesia, Angola, India, New Zealand, Spain and China.

A total of 70 singers will perform in the 3-Rounds-finals in November.

6th November ROUND 1A
13th November ROUND 1B
20th November ROUND 2
27th November ROUND 3

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Posted on: September 15, 2021
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