Posted on: November 22, 2021

The third and final round, the Superfinal of KWC 2021 will be live streamed this Saturday. The show will be hosted by Michael Yelvigton in Florida, and all the singers, judges and people working for the competition around the World will be able to join via Zoom.

The show can be seen here:
The final round will start at 13:00 UTC, please check your local time.

We will see all 20 finalists together with special performances and interviews. There will also be a public vote during the live stream.

After the performances we will see all the scores from different juries around the World and public vote. The Karaoke World Champion will receive a cash prize, sponsor prizes and flights & accommodation for the 2022 KWC finals in Norway.

These are the TOP-20 finalists in singing order:
#2 Preye Emberru, Nigeria
#3 Marina, Italy
#6 Renee Turcotte, USA
#11 Coreen K Beckman, USA
#12 Shabrina Leonita, Indonesia
#17 Felipe de Souza Ferraz, Belgium
#18 Robinson Tahalele, Indonesia
#22 Hilde Bjerkeskaug, Norway
#32 Fajar Putra Wicaksana, Indonesia
#33 Heidi Joshua, Canada
#34 Talita Martins, Brazil
#35 Ayane Kido, Japan
#38 Viktoria Seimar, Estonia
#42 Paul Mayer, USA
#43 Renee Thompson, Canada
#45 Daniel Atlas, UK
#46 Elisa Queiroga, Brazil
#47 Tatiana Danilevichus, Russia
#50 Ralph Canto, Panama
#52 Tarun Pal Singh, India

Good luck to everyone!

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Posted on: November 22, 2021
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