Natalia Ustinova

Country: Russia
Age: 37
Profession: Vocal Coach

Short biography

Natalia Ustinova was born in Tomsk, spent her early years in Angarsk, Irkutsk region. She’s got the Master’s degree in engineering; however, she never pursued that career path. Since early childhood she was learning music and singing, first at school, then with various coaches. In 2016 she joined the Bachelor’s program at the Institute of Contemporary Art and graduated with distinction. Now she is pursuing the Master of Music degree and working with children as a music and vocal coach.

“I enjoy bringing music into people's lives in every sense possible. I’m in music for more than 30 years (classical piano, jazz, choir, ensemble, vocals solo). I see the vocals as a part of all music and art in general, the vocals are not detached from all other types of music. I love to sing jazz, lounge and music that touches souls of people. My dream is to sing for movies and TV series.”