What is KWC?

The Karaoke World Championships is the world’s biggest and most prestigious global talent competition and karaoke event. It brings together singers from all over the world. Karaoke World Championships is the opportunity for aspiring singers to show their amazing talents to the world and to give the crowd an unforgettable experience. The competition has been organised annually since it originally founded in Finland in the year 2003. The annual World finals have been held in various countries around the world, and due to the Covid pandemic, the 2020 and 2021 finals were turned into online events. In 2022 the World finals will be in Norway.

KWC is organised by Singa

Singa is a streaming service for karaoke singers. With Singa, you have access to over 80,000 songs directly from your mobile, desktop and Smart TV. Sing like a true karaoke world champion!

Singa is currently available in the Nordics, United Kingdom and Australia, soon also in the USA and other markets.

Avoid boring. Sing karaoke!

KWC Videos

2022 World Champion
2022 DUETS Winners
2022 Viewer's Choice
2021 World Champion
2020 World champion
2019 SOLO Winner
2019 DUETS Winners
2018 SOLO Winner
2018 DUETS Winners
2018 CHAMPIONS Winner
2017 Female Winner
2017 Male Winner
2017 DUET Winners
2016 Female Winner
2016 Male Winner
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