Ericka Rodríguez

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At the age of 25, Erika is a university student majoring in Artistic Expressions with an Emphasis on Music. She is a vibrant individual who has a deep love for music, and an active lifestyle. She's particularly enthusiastic about Zumba and Karate and enjoys various physical activities and sports. She is an avid fan of musical theater and finds pure joy in karaoke with her friends in her free time. Erika has been singing with her dad from a very young age when she discovered her passion for music. She was a member of the 'A Viva Voz' Choir and had the opportunity to participate in the musical 'Maestra Vida' by Ruben Blades in 2023.

With a string of accomplishments in various singing competitions, she's now thrilled with the opportunity to represent Panama in KWC 2023. Erika looks forward to sharing her talent, experiencing different cultures, and connecting with singers from around the world who will gather in Panama for the international competition in November.
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Ericka Rodríguez
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