Greg Brenzil

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Greg has spent his whole life around music, whether it was intentional or not. He grew up singing to Jesus and was part of his local church choir which is where he first learned all of the basics of music and harmonies. Being more of a hyperactive kid, his parents needed to find something to do with him for the time outside of school, so they decided to enroll him into the Theatre Aquarius school of acting and singing. This helped to build his knowledge and passion for everything music and theatre, and pushed him to pursue any opportunity he could find to get up on a stage and stretch his creative skills to their maximum. When he wasn’t taking part in creative endeavors he spent every weekend with his family at the race track. He raced everything from little four stroke Hondas to 2 stroke Rotax, and even tried his hand at a few open wheel series until the finances of racing became too much to cover. No matter the speed he was traveling, you could always see his little helmet bopping away to whatever song was stuck in his head at the time, and he always found himself coming back to a life of music and performance. These two passions still run very deep in his everyday life, looking for every reason to include music and racing in any way he can, as well as exploring undefined paths to walk with his adorable little dog Roxie. Greg loves traveling and experiencing new cultures through food and cooking. He also likes reading and enjoys learning new and interesting things about himself and the ever changing world around him.
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Greg Brenzil
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