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Economist, Aromatherapist, Singer


Inna Mai is a mom of two beautiful daughters, and now an aspiring singer. She graduated with a Master’s in hospitality management & economics and spent over 7 years in the restaurant and club business in the south of Russia. After giving birth to her daughters, she reconsidered her life path and let her self-awareness take the lead. Eventually she came to spiritual practices like yoga and aromatherapy and started to sing in a more professional manner, meeting great sound engineers who helped her to discover her vocal range. She has several Russian music contest awards. This year Inna enrolled in the bachelor’s program at the Institute of Contemporary Art.

“For all my life I’ve been living with music, dancing and everything that goes with celebrations and happiness. I prefer pop rock, hard rock, blues, and dance hits of the 90s and 00s. I dream that my songs will resonate with the hearts of all the people on our planet.”
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Inna Mai
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