Halzen Aguilar

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Jessy at 37 years old, is a passionate Speech Therapist by profession, a dedicated mother, and an enthusiastic lover of history, culture, and art. Her profession has afforded her the opportunity to participate in events as a sign language interpreter. She enjoys traveling, immersing herself in reading, and savoring a glass of wine, but above all, she finds her greatest joy in moments shared with loved ones, always accompanied by music.

Coming from a family of musicians and singers, her talent is a familial inheritance that runs through her veins. This led her to participate in various singing competitions, perform with Panamanian orchestras, and even join a rock band in Mexico. Jessy also has a great time at karaoke with her friends, taking the opportunity to spend her free time with them. Notably, she even sings in French, as her husband hails from that beautiful country.
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Halzen Aguilar
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