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Liv is a half Norwegian/half American singer who has been living in Norway's capital for 6 years.

Originally from a small town in northern Minnesota (USA), she moved out west to Portland Oregon in her 20s, where she lived for a number of years - soaking up the vibrant weirdness and finding herself.

Liv was obsessed with music from the get-go, thanks to the influence of her big sister, whose record collection provided the soundtrack to many of Liv's childhood memories. When she started school, Liv didn't know any of the nursery rhymes the other kids sang, but instead could recite lyrics from classic rock icons like Queen and Pink Floyd.

While in elementary school, Liv developed a taste for classical music. She signed up to play viola and immersed herself in that magical world of rosin dust, worn sheet music, and the ethereal echo of concert halls. Classical music would be a huge part of her identity, playing in several regional and state youth symphonies through to graduation, then as a member of chamber and professional ensembles in college.

Whenever Liv didn't have her viola on her shoulder, her love of popular music was ever present. She spent hours singing along to Whitney and Mariah cassettes, and memorizing raps by Digital Underground, Public Enemy, and yes - even The Fresh Prince. The first record Liv ever bought was the 45 single of Aerosmith's "Walk This Way" featuring Run DMC (her love of musical mashups and cover songs persists to this day).

Liv sang with a couple of bands while in Portland, but ultimately left her musical ambitions behind in favor of other career pursuits - relying instead on the occasional karaoke night to scratch that musical itch.

When she moved to Oslo in 2016, she found an amazing group of people in the Oslo karaoke community. Though Liv is half Norwegian, relocating to Norway was at first fraught with frustration, heartbreak, and a feeling of isolation. And while it seemed at times that Norway didn't want her, she felt embraced and at home within Oslo's karaoke scene.

Liv also participated in the Norwegian Karaoke finals in Bergen in 2019, and she saw first-hand that the entire Norwegian karaoke community is filled with incredibly talented, genuine, and welcoming people. The spirit of joy in music is the common thread that unites every singer in Norway, and Liv is incredibly honored to represent this community at the Karaoke World Championships.
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Liv Aktig
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