Natalia Marín

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My name is Natalia Marín.
I was adopted from Colombia to Norway as a baby and music has saved me so many times through this whole process called LIFE.

Singing is my escape, my motivation, my first and forever love.
I was singing gospel for 20 years before I had to quit due to the lack of gospel choirs in the valley I live in now.

I am a single mom of three gorgeous, beautiful souls.
Mika Miranda
Adriana Maricel and
Odin Garcia.
In our home music is what keeps us going and what connects us on so many levels.

My hobbies are singing, painting, writing, reading, acting, playing the piano and just a few months ago I started playing the guitar with good help from my boyfriend, Kenneth.
He’s amazing!

I am also the lead vocalist in two local bands in the village I live in.
Traveling Tramps and a band with no name yet.

This whole karakoe communtiy is totally new to me and I had never heard of this competition before, so for me this is just totally wild!
I promise I will do my very best to give you a good preformance and sharing my love on stage.

With all of this said, I just want to tell you all that I root for you and appriciate all of you for sharing your voices and passion for music with the rest of us. Thank you.
This is gonna be fun!

Let’s do this!
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Natalia Marín
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