Ralph Canto

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A 29-year-old ardent enthusiast of singing and the arts. He is a professional Electromechanical Engineer currently working for HITACHI, on the construction of Panama's Metro Line 3. In addition to his engineering career, he is a talented instrumentalist, playing the saxophone and viola. Ralph is also a model and held the title of “Mr. Panama Este” for Mister Panama International in 2018.

His deep love for music extends to singing, a passion that has led him to participate in various singing competitions and related activities, so he was one of Panama's representatives for KWC 2020 and competed as the KWC Panama Champion in 2021, both years in the solo category. His unwavering passion for karaoke and KWC has driven him to participate once again, this time in the duet category, as he continues to relish the joy of this remarkable experience.
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Ralph Canto
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