SINGER PROFILE: Tatiana Danilevichus

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Vocal Coach


Tatiana Danilevichus was born in Noyabrsk, a 100 000-town located in the middle of the West Siberian oil fields, where she studied vocals from the age of 6 with several teachers. After high school she went to study in Moscow and graduated with a MS degree in economics. After college she moved to Kazan for several years and eventually returned to her hometown in 2012. In 2019, she took a vocal coach training and started to train children. She’s a vocal coach at a local cultural venue, a master's student at the Faculty of Vocal Art, a member of the International Association of Teachers of Singing, performs at various venues and events in Noyabrsk.

“I have been fond of music since childhood. My favorite group is Backstreet Boys, in my teenage years I knew all the songs by heart and thus learned English with their help. I have always loved to sing, but for several years I stopped singing and gave up music, as I thought forever, for family reasons. But luckily, I was wrong: I will never stop singing, although every time, going on stage or just singing a song, I am terribly nervous. I love the Russian banya, nature, animals, cinema, I am fond of fashion, meditations, the practice of standing on nails and much more.”
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Tatiana Danilevichus
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