Updates in KWC Rules & Looking for new countries!

Posted on: November 27, 2023
Updates in KWC Rules & Looking for new countries!


Karaoke World Championships is the biggest and most prestigious international talent competition for aspiring singers. We are open to all karaoke lovers and singers who wish to reach an international audience.

KWC has started in 2003 and during this 21 years it has constantly evolved a little. We are still looking for the best karaoke singers and the main aim of our annual World finals event is to enjoy a week of music and have a great time with our ever growing global community, the KWC Family.

In 2016 we introduced the Duets category.
In 2018 we removed the gender categories.
In 2019 we introduced the Global Video Challenge.
In 2020 we evolved into an online competition.
In 2022 we introduced the hybrid jury.

During all these years we have gradually relaxed the requirements for eligibility.

Fifteen years ago a contestant was disqualified because of a too professional looking website.

Ten years ago we had to think whether a singer who had appeared on a cd was eligible.

Five years ago we allowed self-published albums, contracts with indie labels and also paid gigs, as long as it was "not the main source of income" for the contestant.

During the last years we have allowed singers who do gigs as long as they also have another profession.

But as we know, times change. KWC has always wanted to be a stepping stone for aspiring artists, so why wouldn't we just let them be artists. It makes no sense anymore to try to define who is amateur and who is professional. Our contestants are World class singers, who all should be professional entertainers.

In 2024 we abandon the amateur requirement completely.

From now on anyone and everyone who is over 18 is eligible for KWC, with one exception. We must be able to use the contestants voice, face, name and performances from our competition freely, and that is why a singer with a major record deal is usually not able to grant us these rights. But all singers with no such binding contracts - Welcome, KWC is open for you! Wedding band singers, indie artists and people who busk on the streets or are in need of a boost in their career, welcome. But we must warn you: the level here is high. It may already be a lot higher than what you've used to... that's why we advise to take a look at some of our past competitions before joining. Just to know what you're putting yourself into.

Here are the full rules and judging criteria of karaoke World Championships 2024


Don't you have a national KWC competition in your country? Would you like to organise it? Or would you know someone who could do it? We are constantly looking of new countries and Country Partners.

KWC operates through national Country Partners, who hold the exclusive right to represent KWC in the country, and their responsibility is to organise the national competition and bring singers to World finals. A KWC Country Partner can be a person, a company, a karaoke pub or a chain, an events organiser etc.

Don't hesitate to ask for more via email! info@karaokeworldchampionships.com

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Posted on: November 27, 2023
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