Kamille Abongo

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I am Abongo Ombouda Séverin Rodrigue, artist name Kamille Abongo.
Professional singer and performer since 2008 in cabarets, major performance and festival platforms and other events.
Professional chorus-singer who accompanies the greatest artists of the old and the new generation of Cameroon like Ben Decca, Grace Decca, Kareyce fotso, Charlotte Dipanda, Manu Dibango, Salatiel, Mr LEO, Nkodo Sitony, Ange Ebogo Emerant , Sanzy viany etc.

In 2019, I decided to swap my diplomas for my microphone, my sheet and my pen, to sing and offer the world melodies from my history, my journey starting from my genesis, passing through my tears, my frustrations, my joys, my exploits and finally by the acceptance of me mm vis-a-vis this modern world.
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Kamille Abongo
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