KWC 2018 Prizes

Posted on: December 11, 2018
KWC 2018 Prizes

The Karaoke World Championships 2018 finals are in ONE WEEK! It's getting grey outside but in here something glitters: All these trophies and medals are already at the Singa office waiting for their right owners.

The winner of the main KWC category (also known as the Solo category) wins the World Champion 2018 title, a trophy & medal, a diploma,  a Beyerdynamic TGV50D microphone and 5000 € worth of cash and prizes. The prize includes flights and accommodation to the 2019 KWC finals.

The winners in Duet and Champions categories will get the World Champion 2018 titles, trophies & medals, diplomas,   Beyerdynamic TGV50D microphones and 500 € cash each.

There will also be a special diploma and medal to the winner of the Viewer's Choice vote which will be online during the competition.

There is also prizes for our country partners who work hard to bring all the singers to KWC finals: The winner country partners in every category will get a 50% discount on next years KWC license fees, and 2nd or 3rd in any category will get a 20 % discount.

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Posted on: December 11, 2018
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