KWC NES 2022 - Jury

Posted on: August 4, 2022
KWC NES 2022 - Jury

For the first time in KWC there is a double jury: half of the judges will be sitting at the venue and the other half
will be located in various countries around the world, judging from the live stream feed.

All jury members have a track record in music, entertainment, singing or vocal coaching. These are the people who will find our new World champions in both Solo and Duets categories.


Jason Catron

Jason has been a career musician his entire life. He stepped into the world of coaching and mentorship in 2010, when his own vocal coach offered to mentor him in the art of commercial vocal coaching. Jason was also a member of the award winning tenor group Tenore. Combining his skills from touring, live performance, and vocal coaching, have allowed Jason to become the “go-to” mentor in the area of Artist Development. Jason will be judging from the US.

Tuire Grönthal

Tuire Grönthal is a Classical singer and vocal coach. Tuire graduated from the Helsinki Conservatory in 1991. Later she has studied in Germany and performed in many lied, operetta, church and opera concerts, and as a soloist in choirs and orchestras. She has visited as a soloist in the Estonian Theater and the Finnish National Opera. She has worked as director of Operetti Jukola and teached classical and light music singing at Nurmijärvi College for over two decades. She has also composed 3 Operettas. Tuire has been a judge at Kwc Worlds before and also coached the Finnish singers several times. She is judging from Finland.

Apple Esplana-Manansala

Apple Esplana-Manansala is the co-owner and Vice President of PuzzleBox BPO Inc., offering digital and intelligent outsourcing solutions.
She is also currently the President and Chief Executive Producer of The New Channel Media Corp., a new media publication being streamed around Asia, Middle East, the US which includes reality search and musically inclined shows for bands and independent musicians.
A graduate with a Fine Arts major in advertising, a certified Digital Leader and an MSME hero awardee. She is judging from the Philippines.

Elle Quan

Elle Quan is a patron of the arts, Tech start up Founder, speaker, author.
She started KWC Asia and has since diversified her event portfolio, having recently organised the biggest hybrid B2B tech event with 25k registered attendees in Singapore. Elle is a Founding Member of the Singapore Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Vice President of Asia Pacific Assistive Robotics Association, and an International Peace Ambassador of the Global Prosperity and Peace Initiative. She will be judging from Singapore.

Diana Villamonte

Diana Villamonte is an artist and the 2014 KWC Gold medalist originally from Panama.
She has had 19 years of artistic career and experienc from various worldwide reality shows: The Central American Academy in Guatemala, Karaoke World Championships in Stockholm Sweden, Karaoke Nacional TV Tokio in Japan, La Voz México among others. Currently residing in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, presenting the fifth season of the Whitney Houston Show and the second season of the Tina Turner Show on ACT2 Entertainment Stages. Diana will judge in Mexico.

Ian Murphy

After winning a talent show in 1982, Ian’s career encompassed musical theatre, dramatic roles, directing, stand up comedy, TV and film. His first single peaked at #2 on the U.K. Top 40 singles chart. Ian transitioned into journalism and became a regular feature on BBC TV and Radio in the 1990s and 2000s. Ian is currently the voice of Imagine Ballet Theater, a podcast contributor and provides supplementary news coverage for BBC Radio and KSHP.
Ian is watching the live stream in the US.

Luciano Pallaro

Luciano Pallaro is a music producer from Buenos Aires, Argentina.
In his career he has worked on more than 200 albums, some of them nominated and / or awarded with Gardel, Konex, Clarin, etc. He also participated in the musical productions of television programs such as Got Talent (Argentina), Fame Academy (Argentina), Casi Ángeles (Telefe), HI F5 (Discovery Kids), Aliados (Telefe), La Casa De Disney Junior (Disney), O11CE (Disney), ADOM (Disney), Power Rockers (Discovery Kids) BIA (Disney). He also had his time in the production and musical composition of feature films and documentaries for film and television. In 2013 he founded his own studio, and he produces content for companies from various parts of the world, television, film, theater and artists of various styles. Luciano is judging from Argentina.

Vivi Keller

Vivi Keller is a singer, pianist and actress. sshe has ben a vocal choach for 36 years.She has worked with major artists and television shows. She has been coaching the brazilian KWC champions since 2017.
She is watching the live stream in Brazil.



EMMY (Emmy Kristine Guttulsrud Kristiansen)
She started singing long before she spoke, and at age 7 she played the piano and wrote her own songs.
In 2015 she was a finalist in MGPjr (Norwegian Finals of Eurovision for Kids), which also lead to her participation in the adult version 6 years later. Her song at MGP 2020 “Witch Woods” was a big hit, and helped launch her career as a popular artist.
She holds a Bachelor in Visual Communication, and is currently a favorite on TikTok – displaying her voice and artistery.

Pim aka Per Ø Johansen

Frontman of the critically acclaimed rock band Peel through 20 years. Songwriter,lyricist,lead singer,guitarist,bass and keyboard player.
Has written and produced for other artists, and is also a studio musician. In addition, he now works as a music teacher at the local Middle School and the School of Arts in Nes, and gives private lessons in guitar, bass and keys.

Stine Fredriksen

Stage Performer, Winning Singer, Motivator
A lifetime of experience in Stage performance, she started singing in the local church choir already at age six., and was picked for solos even in her high school years. And the chance to be in local music studios for projects, on different occasions.
Having spent 9 years as the lead singer of the Nordland band Supersonic, she is a familiar face on festivals and gigs in the North of Norway. A singing competition winner, she now loves being a motivator for others when she doesn’t take the stage herself.

Rob Quinn

An award-winning DJ and producer from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, Rob has been a fixture in Canada’s underground music scene since the late 1990’s. Initially self-taught in the art of music production, he eventually went on to gain a more comprehensive understanding of production techniques under the tutelage of San Francisco-based audio guru ill.Gates.

Judging for KWC Canada since 2016, Rob has logged countless hours adjudicating at all levels of the competition, and he currently serves as KWC Canada’s Lead Adjudicator. In 2019, Rob was invited to judge the KWC World Finals in Tokyo, Japan, and he’s been judging at the international level since. 2022 marks his fourth consecutive year judging the World Finals.

Rob also serves as the Technical & Creative Director for KWC Canada.

Kim Angela Lewis

Head of Marketing, House of Nerds
formerly at Universal Music Group in Norway, as Head of Promotions and Product Manager.
Has worked in marketing and promotions at Polygram and Remixed Records. She was even the CEO at Mega Records, where she started her career as a recording artist. Has also worked at Waterfall Studios.
Kim is a cheerful, loving and inspiring woman, with a huge network and an impressive experience in the music industry.

Harald Christian Sagevik - aka "H.C."

Harald Christian is a man of all traits. He has been a booking manager, event planner and festival entrepreneur, and working at the infamous live club “Mono” in Oslo for almost two decades. (The live club made headlines when not letting Lady Gaga or Franz Ferdinand cut in line, to get in….) He knows what makes a great artist, having booked artists like Bobby Gillespie, Travis, Suede, Waterboys and Evan Dando.
And many Norwegian artists played at Mono before they were known, artists like Fjorden Baby and John Olav Nilsen (to name a couple)

Christian Tornholm-Lehn aka D'Lay

Made his name as the Singer/songwriter who rose the charts with his songs “Going Wild” and “On Your Own” for big brand name commercials in 2000 and 2001. He has since then worked as a songwriter,producer,talent scout and singer on numerous projects, and has a long list of names whom he has worked with.

Once a karaoke host, he loves to be on the jury for Karaoke World Championships.

Adrian Perrott

Was the Product Manager at Universal Music in Norway.
Holding a business degree, and with a vast network, he knows the industry well.
Adrian can also be spotted out on the odd karaoke night, as he has been for decades. He knows the difference between a good karaoke singer and a future star in the making.

Cynthia Verazie

Cynthia Verazie may be young, but has already made her mark in media by becoming a favorite through her achievements in talent shows, both in Norway and in her own country of Cyprus. She has just released her first single, at the age of 19. Cynthia also competed in the KWC Norway finals in 2020, being the jury’s favorite, but finishing second overall due to televotes “stealing” the crown.

Often compared to the great Celine Dion, this voice knows how to perform, and is an honor to have on the jury.

Totte Nordin aka Thomas Nordin

Has toured most of Europe and Asia, as the star rapper of Solid Base. Solid Base has been a hit making duo since the beginning.
Nr 1 hits in Germany and Japan. Tours in Canada, Finland,Poland etc. Totte and his female partner has put out songs for almost 30 years, and are currently touring Finland with gigs every weekend this summer. His songwriting, his rap skills and his on stage energy is evident.

Check out “Mirror Mirror”,”I Like It”, “This is the Summer”, “Come ‘n Get Me”, “Sunny Holiday”,”Sha La La Long”, “This Is How We Do It”, “Ticket to Fly”,”Love”,etc etc etc etc on Spotify or iTunes. Totte has shared the stage with Coolio, Turbo B and many many others.

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Posted on: August 4, 2022
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