KWC Global Video Challenge 2023 (April-July)

The Karaoke World Championships is the world’s biggest and most prestigious global talent competition and karaoke event. It brings together singers from all over the world.

Karaoke World Championships works through countries with national competitions. Every participating country sends their top singers in the Karaoke World Championships finals in Panama in November.



The KWC Global Video Challenge

is a way to enter the competition for all the singers in the world who live outside of participating countries. If you do not reside in a participating country (listed here), you can submit an online audition directly into the Global Video Challenge in our Karaoke World Championships Facebook Group.

How to participate:

  • Record a video of yourself singing a song and upload it on Facebook in the Karaoke World Championships Facebook Group.
  • The video has to be one shot and no editing is allowed except trimming the length.
  • Singing applications that have autotune and/or visual branding are not allowed. Use your normal camera app.
  • The video must NOT include karaoke texts, other people, brands or logos and any kind of messages that can be interpreted as offensive.
  • It is totally free to participate in Global Video Challenge.

Together with your video you must add this text to your post: ”This is my entry for the KWC 2023 Global Video Challenge.” + your full name, age and which country you want to represent AND the hashtag #kwc2023. Only videos with all this information and the correct hashtag will be reviewed by the KWC Video Jury.

Tell your friends once you have participated. Make them participate too!

Make sure you are eligible to participate:

  • The Global Video Challenge is open to solo performers only.
  • You must be over 18.
  • You can not have a regular income as a vocalist. A regular income is defined as someone making a living from singing.
  • You can not have a management contract or a recording contract as a singer with a major label or a production.
  • Your country is not active & hosting a national competition this year. List of active countires is here.

Important notices and information:

  • All singers who have uploaded a video by the rules are in the competition
  • Technical aspects of your video will not be judged. The only important thing is that the singer can be seen and heard.
  • Remember to check your lights and try to get the balance between music and vocals as good as possible.
  • Chosen contestants will receive further instructions, and some of them will win a chance to represent their country in Panama at the Karaoke World Championships finals in November.

The KWC Global Video Challenge is on until the end of July. Should we have a huge amount of contestants, we may have a Round 2 in August. This will be notified later.
A total of 5-10 singers will be given the chance to represent their countries at the Karaoke World Championships finals in Panama in November.

Please Note! Winning the KWC Global Video Challenge does not give you paid trips or accommodations. Singers who enter KWC through Global Video Challenge will have to fund their own trips to Panama. Karaoke World Championships 2023 finals will be in Panama between 6th and 11th November.

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