KWC Global Video Challenge 2023 (April-July)

The KWC Global Video Challenge

is a way to enter the competition for all the singers in the world who live outside of participating countries. If you do not reside in a participating country (listed here), you can submit an online audition directly into the Global Video Challenge in our Karaoke World Championships Facebook Group.

These singers have been chosen to represent their countries at the 21st Karaoke World Championships finals in Panama.

solo singers:
Godfrey Kanyua, Kenya
Felipe de Souza Ferraz, Belgium
Ricardo Buenaventura, Saudi Arabia
Jesus Nacional, Saudi Arabia
Steven Kelly, Ireland
Harlem Calleja, Australia

Ricardo Buenaventura and Khatlyn Ilagan, Saudi Arabia

Congratulations to all these wonderful singers!
Karaoke World Championships 2023 finals will be in Panama between 6th and 11th November.

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